Virus Facebook Video Tips and Download

Virus Facebook Video Tips and Download - If you are Facebook users, you have probably noticed that there will come these days from a notice of your contacts which shows the false news that would turn out pirate videos included on homepages of people who actually would be a trap to collect personal data of unsuspecting users. Video appetizing, mostly of nature sexy with a message that invites you to view and share. But if it is true and what's going on? Symantec, well known company in the field of Internet security, has issued a warning stating that as many as 15% of videos uploaded on Facebook are at risk of likejacking.

Likejacking is a new hacking technique close relative of clickjacking, created just for social networks. Without going into complicated details, the likejacking works like this: a user finds a video appetizing on their wall, opens it and at this point leaving a sea of problems.
Unfortunately for the curious these videos have a frame transparent overlay that takes a lot of trouble. In fact, the unsuspecting user by means of the video frame does not know that his actions will use for different purposes and often dangerous.

But the real problem with this hacking technique is exactly the concept of social networks because the person who created the likejacking plans to take advantage of a viral Facebook and then the propensity of users to easily share videos and news among your contacts.
In this way the spread of counterfeit videos can be really fast and hit many users.

What to do? Meanwhile, be careful and not jump to open the first video "curious" and Stan are shared with us by the board of one of our contact and perhaps even please contact our virtual friend to ask him if he is indeed the author of the video.
Alternatively you can use specific software such as Symantec Security Norton Safe Web, but the final solution to the problem can only come from the same social network with a better management of network security.


Monder.BL is the virus name which is spreading through the one video in facebook. This virus is designed to steal the user information on the affected computer by establishing a connections with certain websites.

It’s not only stealing your information from your PC, it also modifying your Internet Explorer browser configuration which could affect the security while users are browsing.

Monder.BL reaching the user computer via social networks like Facebook, or instant messaging programs in a link to the download site of the Trojan.

Spreading in Facebook:

When one user affected with this virus, automatically his status is updated with the Link providing to download a video without knowing or taking permission from users. We can easily identify this virus because the link which is updated is starts from the word Video (see below image).

Virus Facebook Video Tips and Download

If a new user followed that virus/video link, then he will see a false message saying this video requires Adobe Flash Player and they provide a link to download it. When an user download a Flash Player from that link, it comes with Monder.BL virus because the flash is downloading with the unofficial source.

Virus Facebook Video Tips and Download

See they have given the same name as seen in official adobe download page, but the download source is different.

When user download and saves that infected flash player in their compute and installed it on their pc, then virus start working.

In this way a new video virus is spreading in facebook. Be careful about this type of links and videos in social networking sites.

If you have already affected with this virus then use some good antivirus to remove it, and make sure you have changed your passwords of email accounts.

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